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Bee Wise  ----    Fun Bee Facts

There are over 20,000 species of bees worldwide. They come in all sizes, and many colors you normally don't expect in a bee, like blue (Blue Orchard Mason Bee, Blue Carpenter Bee), green (Sweat Bees, Green Metallic Bee), and purple (Purple Orchid Bee).

Almost every bee you will ever see is female.

Bees have to gather nectar from TWO MILLION flowers for every single pound of honey.

We think of giant hives with thousands of bees living together, but many species of bees live solitary lives. All are important pollinators.


Many of us are gardeners, and need to be mindful of the chemical choices we use in our gardens. Even something we might see as a short-term benefit can have long-lasting, devastating effects on the pollinators. Please research carefully before you use weed-killers, insecticides, and other chemical products. The bees will thank you!

The University of Minnesota has a bee lab, for research, classes and further information. Check it out at: Other universities have similar programs.

There are beekeepers and beekeeping programs throughout the world. Seek out local beekeepers near you for more information.

Spread the word: the world is absolutely BEEutiful!

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