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Bosco and the Bees

Bosco, a young fairy, lives high in the mountains of the Continental Divide. Surrounded by nature, Bosco is truly happy where he is. But he was born under a Queen’s edict: he must declare his chosen life’s path by his tenth year, or else enter into five years of servitude and mentoring in that Queen’s distant court, away from his beloved mountains.

Finding your path in life shouldn’t be too hard.  Right?

His friend Mica is into rocks and volcanoes: the bigger the better. His other friend Mirror is a young seer, who has the uncanny ability to see spirits and distant events.

And Bosco’s interested in, well, everything!  Especially flying.  And lately, bees.  But the more he studies bees, the more he realizes that his fairy community has a strong, unspoken bias against them.  

Pursuing his passion, Bosco flies against fairy traditions to learn from a human beekeeper. He soon realizes how vital bees are to the health of the land and the people who live there—humans and fairies alike.  But will it be enough to convince the Queen of Fairy Land?

Then a fateful encounter with a Queen bee and her hive changes Bosco’s life forever.

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Mirror and the Bobcat

Mirror is a young fairy seer, able to see spirits and distant or future events from an early age, but her hidden past is creeping into her present in ways that threaten her future.

Mirror adopts an orphaned bobcat she names Ember.  When Ember is threatened, Mirror saves the cat, using powers she didn't know she had.  Her new powers create challenges for Mirror, and she is ordered to submit to a formal hearing by the Royal Court of Fairy Land to determine Mirror's future.  With the support of her closest friends Bosco and Mica, Mirror is determined to face the Court's challenge.  If she fails, she may lose her home.  Again.

Mirror and the Bobcat follows in the footsteps of Bosco and the Bees, a middle-grade fantasy novel that was given a starred review by Kirkus Reviews.

Book no.2
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