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Reviews for Bosco and the Bees

"A sweet story of learning about the world and changing it for the better."

                                     Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Bosco and the Bees" is an immensely charming debut from Cat Ritchie.”


“I was reminded of works such as Disney's Tinker Bell movies and Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock" in terms of how matter-of-fact, yet whimsical, this is portrayed. Layers of connection exist in the balance of nature, not in a cheesy 90s environmentalist cartoon way, but more like the films of Studio Ghibli.” 


I love the lessons scattered throughout the pages of this memorable story! Lessons about the value of bees in our world, the importance of following our dreams in spite of obstacles and the importance of friends and families in our lives—all these come through beautifully and creatively in this enchanting book. I fell in love with all the characters, fairies, humans, and animals alike. I highly recommend this adventure-filled, educational, and inspirational book.

                                            Barnes & Noble


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